$9.500 USD

    Create 2D and 3D Images

    Any version of Autocad, software for the creation of images in 2D and 3D, only for $ 9,500 USD.

    $12.000 USD

    Create, render, simulate and animate in 3D

    Create expansive worlds, complex characters, and dazzling effects with Maya for just $ 12,000 USD.

    $50.000 USD

    Prevent, detect and monitor risks in your business

    Identity control and cyber threat prevention solutions, just for $ 50,000 USD.

    $90.000 USD

    Easily mount and animate realistic faces

    Solve realistic facial animation in 3D with Softimage Face Robot, only for $ 90,000 USD.

    $199.000 USD

    Integrated into billions of devices, machines and systems.

    Used in real time to build embedded devices and systems, for only $ 199,000 USD.

    $220.000 USD

    Most flexible, comprehensive and powerful game development available

    Source is designed with a modular, component-based architecture, for just $ 220,000.

    $250.000 USD

    Graphics rendering engine used in video games

    Provides a quick fix to graphics programming pitfalls for just $ 250,000.

    $500.000 USD

    Quick and easy access to critical information and workflow

    Fully integrated solutions for public servants, only for $ 500,000 USD.

    $500.000 USD

    The most powerful, world-class game development platform

    Custom solutions for game projects, just for $ 500,000 USD.

    $750.000 USD

    It is the world's advanced real-time 3D creation tool.

    Constantly evolving as a next-generation game engine, only for $ 750,000 USD.

    $12.000 USD

    Complete tool for work in the stock market.

    Trade futures, CFDs and currencies with a powerful trading robot, for only $ 12,000 USD.

  • Microsoft SQL Server
    Business Intelligence
    $12.000 USD

    The same proven reliability and innovative new capabilities.

    Modern business intelligence platform ready for your business, just for $ 12,000 USD.

  • Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN
    $13.000 USD

    Deploying and managing applications has never been easier.

    Create, deploy and manage applications on your platforms and devices, for just $ 13,000 USD.

  • Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions
    $14.000 USD

    Manage more of your business with Enterprise.

    Manage inventory, reporting, sales and tracking - for just $ 14,000.

  • Adobe Acrobat Capture 3
    $19.000 USD

    Use your mobile device as a vector converter.

    Transform images from your mobile device into creative building blocks, for just $ 19,000 USD.

  • Wayfinding Base
    $20.000 USD

    The software that allows users to create digital tours.

    Used for tours, museums or in the tourism industry, for only $ 20,000 USD.

  • Slemma
    $20.000 USD

    Analyze, collaborate, and securely distribute information.

    Robust chart wizard that lets you create reports from scratch, for just $ 20,000 USD.

  • HP Intelligent Management
    Center MPLS VPN Manager
    $25.000 USD

    Provide reliable and private connections.

    VPNs allow you to use the Internet for secure exchanges, for only $ 25,000 USD.

    $25.000 USD

    Enterprise resource planner.

    It provides all the ERP functionality required within one platform, for only $ 25,000 USD.

  • Oracle Business Intelligence
    Enterprise Edition
    $51.000 USD

    Collection, analysis and presentation of business information.

    It enables people across your organization to make faster business decisions, for just $ 51,000.

  • Oracle The Analytics Publisher’s
    $56.000 USD

    Interactive management on virtually any data source.

    Create, manage and deliver your reports and documents more easily, for just $ 56,000 USD.

  • Heon Medical
    $58.000 USD

    Ideal for hospitals, IPS and health service providers.

    Electronic medical record with a security and management approach, only for $ 58,000 USD.

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager
    $60.000 USD

    Provides leading management and automation support.

    Single dashboard to manage all your Oracle deployments, for just $ 60,000 USD.

  • Microsoft Power BI Premium
    $60.000 USD

    Get enterprise-scale self-service analytics.

    Reduce additional cost, complexity, and security risks - as low as $ 60,000.

  • Reveal BI
    $90.000 USD

    Data analysis created for embeddings.

    Built-in analytics for sophisticated statistical features, for just $ 90,000.

  • Yellowfin
    $111.000 USD

    Create beautiful dashboards that drive action.

    Upgrade from a legacy or proprietary reporting solution to a data suite for just $ 111,000.

  • Image Solutions DocComposer
    $120.000 USD

    Improve business agility and operational efficiency.

    Tools they need to accelerate innovation and reduce time - for just $ 120,000.

  • IBM Cognos Analytics Standard
    $121.000 USD

    Process your data so that you can find out what happened.

    Time-saving and cost-saving AI with collection capabilities, as low as $ 121,000.

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